Work out because you love yourself!

I think all of us women can relate to this quote below and maybe men too. We are our own worst critics! Who hasn’t said; my butt’s too big, my thighs too thick, my arms too flabby and look at my gut – it’s huge. I know I sure have. We are actually saying that we workout because we hate these things about ourselves.

If we only stopped to listen to ourselves, maybe we would be nicer to ourselves. My daughter was probably 11 when I first heard her say she was fat! She is far from it!! Now I have to wonder, how many times did she hear me say that about myself. Our children learn from us, they are always listening and absorbing what we say and do. We need to lead by example, I need to lead better by example!

This quote, I grabbed from a friend’s Facebook post, says it all. We should want to workout because we love ourselves and  work out to be as healthy as we can be.

So that is my goal for September. To change my mindset. Not workout, because I need to lose weight or because I don’t like certain parts of my body.  I need to workout because I want to improve my health and strength. It’s not about what I look like on the outside at all. I workout because I love too!!!  It is not a punishment! I always feel so much better when I do workout.



One year later….

I started this blog a year ago, but life and a new adventure got in the way. I have been working hard on getting certified as a fitness instructor with the Fit Chicks Fitness & Nutrition Expert program! I highly recommend their program if this is something you are interested in. I am still working on assignments, but I am so impressed with the amount of information that I have learned. I can’t wait to get certified! Once I have my certificate I can also get accrediated by Can Fit Pro as a Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) and hopefully soon as  a PTS! There are so many  career choices that one can go into with this field, that I have not quite narrowed down a niche to specialize in yet. But I do hope to be able to inspire and help motivate people to a  happier and healthier life. Stay tuned as I will be sharing more of my journey soon!28987225a1484e49ec2840fd4986c6a1