Hi, my name is Ruth. I am a mom to two teenagers and live in the prairies. I am  Certified as a FIT CHICKS(R) Fitness & Nutrition Expert and CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist (PTS)  and Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS)!

We women are known to be the “caretakers” in our families and many times we do not invest in our own health and well being. We need to stop that!   My  mission  is to promote awareness to others on Hemochromatosis and to teach women about healthier lifestyles and habits that may help to prevent: Hormonal /Gut issues, Type 2 Diabetes and  Chronic Illnesses. I have dealt with weight issues as a teen (anorexic and the past few years  I have battled the weight loss journey while struggling with health issues. So I have been on both ends of the spectrum. I have cervical myelopathy due to disc herniation in my neck, but I do not let these limits stop me. Understanding these kinds of limitations, have made me a better trainer.

Diabetes has been a huge factor in my family and I suffer from my own blood sugar issues. My mom was our family “caretaker” and was too busy taking care of others instead of herself. She had asthma, severe allergies, Type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease and I lost her in 2003  to Pancreatic Cancer.  They gave her 6 months to live and she lived 13 months. She said she would “Leave this world when she wanted  to, not when someone told her that she would”. I admired her strength as she fought an awful battle like so many other warriors. There is so little research done on Pancreatic cancer, that to this day there is still a very low life expectancy. We need to change that! My son was 2 years old and has no memories of her and my daughter was born 6 months later. In honor of my Mom, my daughter shares the same middle name as her Grandmother.

I feel quite passionate about Women’s Health & Fitness and my Mom, tho gone, has been my inspiration for not only my own healthy journey but to help women in any way that I can on their journey to a healthy lifestyle

Fitness, is more than cardio/resistance training, it is a heart – centered, total health, wellness, and spiritual fitness. We only have one life we need to live it to our fullest potential!

And when I am not coaching women on their transformations , you can find me indulging in a great book,  reconnecting with nature  or  the occasional movie.

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