Just Breathe

The final countdown to Christmas is on! Are you Ready?

I have started a list this morning to keep track of everything I have to do. If I don’t I know I will forget something!

This can be such a very stressful time for a variety of reasons for people. One way to help Relax is to Just take a moment and Breathe.

When we are stressed out, our sympathetic nervous system goes into fight or flight mode by, raising our blood pressure, speeding up our breathing, and releasing stress hormones. Slow, deep breathing activates our parasympathetic nervous system instead, and this puts the brakes on that series of events.

Any kind of intentional breathing will be helpful when you’re caught up in a storm of emotion. The trick here is to notice that you’re overwhelmed and remember to breathe, which isn’t as easy as it sounds sometimes.

Take five long, slow deep breaths in through your nose, and then exhale slowly through slightly parted lips. Repeat as often as necessary.

Have a great day!
Stay Strong.



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