Staying Healthy for the Holidays

Staying Healthy for the Holidays can be a concern for some and with Christmas arriving in a matter of a few days I have a few tips.

But first here, are a few thoughts. Will it affect you if you splurge? Will it de-rail you from your goals? Will it really make that huge of a difference? Depending on how old you are and what health issues you have, for the majority of people, probably not. But if it is a concern to you, I think it does help if you go into any holiday season or social gathering with a plan of action and stick to it.

Some of the things I do are:

I enjoy the odd drink but keep the water close on hand. Think about it. Do you want to drink or eat your calories?

Appetizers, munchies, pies, cakes or dainty trays. It is OK to enjoy the odd treat, you just don’t need to sample all of them or more than once 🙂

Let’s keep it real. It is a fact for many of us that the older you get, the slower our metabolism is. There is no magic number that this starts to happen. Some of us, it happens quicker than we want it to. Our metabolism is just one of the many things that slow down as we get older. There are some of us with hormonal issues too and our metabolism can just stall right out! You look at food and the scale goes up five pounds.

So I know with some of my health issues exactly where those treats are going to stay! So I either avoid them or have a taste and move on.

But my number one tip is this: Filling up on more protein and veggies and just small samplings of the rest of the buffet. It really does help to avoid that post meal coma we experience after a holiday meal. Plus it really helps me to keep better blood sugar management.

I would love to know what some of your tips of staying on track during the holidays are?holiday-tips

Photo credited to Michigan State University.


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