25 Fun Family Christmas Traditions

My dad is in a care home and I got a call today to ask for permission  for them to take him out tonight to see the Christmas Lights. What a conundrum this simple task got to be! Unfortunately I live 2 provinces away and I am unable to do this myself. It is great that they do this for the residents.  So I started thinking about Family Christmas Traditions  that I grew up with and I thought I would  share them.

Some of these are traditions that I grew up with, we do every year with my children. A few of these I have never done and I think they might end up being new traditions. I am sure that there are many more that could be added to this list.

What are your family Christmas Traditions?

  1. Pick out a Christmas Tree Together
  2. Decorate the Christmas Tree Together
  3. Go to a Santa Parade and Community Tree Lighting Event
  4. Christmas Concerts
  5. Christmas Movie Marathon
  6. Make up a Family Christmas Favorite Playlist
  7. Do up a Christmas Family Greeting Video to send out
  8. Get Family Pictures done or Kids Photo with Santa
  9. Go for a Sleigh Ride and sing Christmas Carols
  10. Go for a drive and check out the Christmas Lights
  11. Game Night with a Hot Cocoa Bar
  12. Red/Green Day
  13. Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition
  14. Christmas Cookie/Gingerbread  House Decorating Party
  15. Christmas Dainty Cook Off
  16. Adopt a family for Christmas
  17. Donate to a Christmas Hamper
  18. Do up an Operation Christmas Shoebox
  19. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
  20. Bring Treats to a Senior’s Care Home and Sing Carols
  21. Donate Food or Old Blankets to an Animal Shelter
  22. Send Care packages or cards to Soldiers Overseas
  23. DIY Christmas Ornament, Wreath or Cards Party
  24. Build a snowman competition
  25. Christmas Eve Church



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