December Fitness Challenge – Day 12

December Fitness Challenge – Day 12
It is some Kickboxing!!!
It is -39 C with the windchill here, so need to keep warm, plus it’s an awesome total body workout too.
A workout should never be a chore/job, or something you do that you dislike. It should be fun! You might have to try a bunch of different styles of workouts to find the one that you love.
Me, I love Kickboxing especially when I feel stressed out. It really helps reducing stress and I find it fun too.  A definite bonus is that it works the total body, gets the heart rate up and burns enormous amounts of calories! So it is always at the top of my list. Plus you are working your core all the time too.

Hope you enjoy your Monday! This week I have 2 Christmas Concerts to go to. december-challenge-day-12!!


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