Sheet Pan Dinners are Super Easy!

Good evening!

I just wanted to share the Sheet Pan meal that was for supper. I have done a few with poultry or fish but this was the first one with steak   They are super easy to whip up and there is less clean up too! I made up 2 large cookie sheets. It was delicious!! I thought the steak might be tough as I could of pulled it out probably five or 7 minutes early but it was very tender. I paired it with a salad and I have enough leftovers for steak and eggs in the morning! I love leftovers!!

I hope you don’t mind the video but the photo did not do it justice

Steak Sheet Pan Dinner

I am sorry nothing is measured!
I cook like my mom taught me, you just throw it all together. 

4 Sweet bell peppers
2 med Red Onions
4 med Purple Yams
3 med Zucchini
2 lg  Round Steaks cut in strips – marinated over night – I sprinkled a bit of the marinade over everything and then a little Mrs Dash on top!


 2 large cookie sheets- greased – layer the vegetables, with steak on top

Cooked at 375 for 40 min. 30 min probably best if you like your steak a little rarer

If you skipped the yams, it would be good with rice or noodles. My Hubby is type 2 diabetic and those just jack his sugar right up, so we fill up with a lot of veggies! Potatoes/yams are easier on his blood  sugars.



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